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Life, Career and Health Coaching

We get you to the next level in your personal or professional life.

At Water for Growth, coaching is a co-creative relationship between you and a skilled professional who believes in your ability to have the life you want. Your coach escorts you on the journey to discovering the best parts of you.

As a coach, Robin encourages her clients to be themselves, to expand beyond their perceived limitations, and to become powerful, more alive individuals.

A Coach is:

  • Your partner in achieving balance in life – personal and professional
  • Your champion in a time of change
  • Your sounding board when making decisions
  • Your unconditional support in stormy times
  • Your wake up call when you don’t hear your own
  • Your mentor in personal development
  • Your partner in helping you accomplish all that matters to you

Five questions:

  1. What is the biggest change you would make in your life if you had enough support to do it right?
  2. What is stopping you from making this change?
  3. What are the three biggest challenges you are facing right now?
  4. How do you define success at this stage in your life?
  5. If you hired me as your coach, what is the first thing we would work on together?

Coaching sessions are all about you.  You set the agenda and the duration and we work on removing obstacles and limitations that prevent you from having a WHOLE life.

W – Without barriers to success

H – Happiness rooted in joyfulness

O – Open to giving and receiving

L – Living authentically

E – Engaged in your growth

We offer a 20-minute complimentary session for individuals who are serious about change. To find out more, contact us.

Aryuvedic Nutrition Consultations

Ayurveda is the science of life. “Ayus” means span of life and “Veda” means knowledge. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest medical science originating in India over five thousand years ago. By choosing Ayurvedic Nutrition Counseling you will embark on a transformational journey towards mind-body-spirit balance. Ayurveda asserts that everything in the natural world is made up of 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. The purpose of Ayurveda is to maintain the equilibrium of these elements within the individual for optimal health and longevity. During the cycle of this program, we will use the four pillars of Ayurveda – diet, exercise, breath work, and relaxation – coupled with healing through the 5 sense to create balance throughout your entire being. Are you ready for the journey to begin?

Mind and Body Wellness Treatments


Harmonyum is a gentle, non-invasive healing system, which releases a great amount of Divine love, peace and light in the recipient, activating the power of self-healing. It harmonizes the entire body and spirit while it soothes and clears the heart of trauma and pain and negative emotion. All mental, emotional and physical disturbances originate from a lack of harmonious rhythm between the systems. The Harmonyum Healing System offers a foundation for lasting good health, it frees the system from the effects of destructive thoughts and emotions while it raises our consciousness, so we can think and feel positively, which in turn improves our health. Harmonyum leads to the balance of mind, body, and spirit because it causes a shift in perception allowing the recipient to clearly see the actions that lead to unhappiness. Furthermore it improves concentration and memory, bestows wisdom and intelligence and causes positive changes in the electromagnetic activity of the brain, which brings relief from various mental disturbances such as depression, addiction, anxiety and sleeplessness. By raising the frequency of the spiritual body the entire system is energetically regenerated. Treatments are especially helpful for people who feel nervous, stressed, confused or weak.


Rei means “spirit” or “soul” in Japanese and Ki means “energy” – originally connoted a sense of air or atmosphere, that which surrounds and or pervades.    Reiki originated in the Tibetan Monasteries as a self healing method that works on all of the levels; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  Over the years Reiki has grown into a technique that people share with each other.  Reiki is a bio – energy technique used for bringing energy into the practitioner’s body and then transferring this energy into the body of another.  The energy is safe, cleansing, blissful, healing and natural. Reiki facilitates an all-encompassing evolution.   Reiki balances and works on several levels:

  • SPIRITUAL – your capacity to love yourself and others will grow through receiving Reiki.
  • PHYSICAL – the body and manifested pain that the body holds onto.
  • EMOTIONAL – works on processing and releasing any negative feelings.
  • Reiki is a proactive and holistic way to deal with the cause rather than the effect of the DIS – EASE – or disease. Reiki goes directly to the core of the dis-ease rather than the symptoms.  Reiki energy accelerates healing. Sometimes discomfort is intensified for a short period of time as the healing progresses at a more rapid rate.

Naam Yoga®

Naam Yoga is a complete and joyful approach to personal mind-body wellness and universal consciousness. It is an invaluable self-healing technology that balances the brain, the glandular, digestive, and nervous systems, allowing people to experience vibrant health. Naam Yoga merges the precise science of breath, sound, movement, and mudra therapy (hand postures) with the practical application of the laws of nature using the wisdom of Universal Kabbalah for total wellbeing.

Recognized by the Yoga Alliance as a Yoga Therapy, Naam Yoga is physically and spiritually therapeutic and rehabilitative. It is for people of all ages and all levels of flexibility. Anyone can do it!

  • Raises energy levels
  • Balances the glandular, digestive, and nervous systems
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Reduces emotional disturbance
  • Manages and reduces stress
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Breaks negative thought and emotional patterns
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing
  • Increases feelings of happiness and contentment


Shirodhara is Ayurvedas great purification and rejuvenation therapy. The word Shiro meaning head and Dhara meaning flow. This therapy aims to bring physical and emotional balance by rejuvenating and preserving health. This is achieved through a relaxing technique in which warm infused oil is poured over the forehead on the third eye chakra (Ajna) flowing through the crown chakra (Sahashra). This therapy eliminates stress, completely grounds you by reducing restlessness, calms the nerves, releases stored emotions, purifies the mind by taking away cluttered thoughts. Shirodhara has been traditionally shown to help with fatigue, mental exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia , non-symptomatic headaches, allergies, excessive thinking, nervousness and many conditions commonly affecting people in a day to day active lifestyle. This age old therapy increases spiritual awareness, regulates mood and improves memory.

AromaTouch Technique

A clinical approach to the application of dōTERRA® CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils. This technique aid the body’s return to the natural balance of body systems and health.

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